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An Exciting New Start for ACT!


screenshotAs you may (or may not) know, ACT! has been affiliated with Swiftpage Email for several years now, allowing ACT! users to send mass email campaigns directly from ACT!.  This is why we were thrilled to hear the announcement that Swiftpage is buying ACT!.

Over the years, Swiftpage has earned our respect as a progressive organization with an emphasis on customer feedback and satisfaction.  To sum it up, they’re a class ACT! (pun intended) and as far as we’re concerned this is fantastic news!

Continuing with exciting announcements, we have a new addition to our team!  Our daughter, Amber, has re-joined our company.  Amber worked with us several years ago, and kept up with ACT! even after she left.  Amber brings with her some unique skills and she will be contacting you to keep you in the loop.

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have – so please feel free to call or email us at ecm@getyouracttogether.net.

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